A message from The New President (to all JLOA members and lingual orthodontists)
Takeshi Nakajima

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a privilege and an honor to be able to address you here today as the chairman of the Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association, a post for which I was chosen by the Board of Directors and the General Assembly at the 28th Congress of the Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association held in November of 2016. In my capacity as the chair, I would like to thank all of you for your tireless cooperation and activities on behalf of this association.
Since its inception in 1988 as the Japan Lingual and Orthodontic Society, over 28 years have passed, and we now boast some 600 regular members. This increase in the size of our association mirrors the growth in the public(s understanding of, and interest in, lingual orthodontics as well as the resolve of orthodontists to provide the public with more information and services in this field. We have come a long way. My hope is to be able, as the chair, to contribute my own efforts, however small, to the continuation of this worthy association's tradition and record of accomplishments in a spirit of gratitude to my many predecessors, who laid the foundations for the association's current success.

An issue of paramount importance which I would like to address today is the incorporation of this association, that is, its establishment as a legal entity. We believe that this will increase the respect accorded to it by other academic associations and enable it better to perform the duties required of it by its members. I intend to do my utmost to achieve the needed reforms in our current system.

The purpose of any academic congress is to provide opportunities to the attendees to profit from the exchange of current knowledge in a given discipline through the presentation of the latest clinical research and cases studies. Thus in the upcoming 6th Basic Typodont Course, which our association has organized, we hope to help promote the diffusion of solid, basic knowledge in this specialty. Other projects being planned for our association include publishing a periodical to record the scientific research of our colleagues in the form of academic reports and increasing our efforts to promote lingual orthodontics through revamping our board approval system. Also, our policy of accepting our non-orthodontist associates in the field as members has been successful. In view of the important part played by our non-orthodontist staff, I believe that this policy deserves continued attention and improvement. In short, I hope that in these and other matters of importance to our association, I will be able to enjoy the support and cooperation of our esteemed members.

I look forward to an active and productive term as the chairman through working closely with Vice-chairs Aizawa from Tokyo and Furuya from Osaka in the executive committee as well as the members of the Board and General Assembly. On our list of upcoming events are the annual congress, the basic typodont course, reviewing applications of prospective members and renewing current memberships, planning he biennial Japan-Korea Joint Congress, providing information on participating in overseas conferences such as the ALOM, WSLO, and the ESLO, and many other such matters of interest and concern to our members.

In closing, I would like again to express my sincerest appreciation for this opportunity to serve as the chairman, and look forward to your unwavering cooperation and encouragement. Thank you for your attention.

President of the Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association

Takeshi Nakajima